Why Energy?

At Energy, we build our future by investing in our people. We pride ourselves on our ability to fully understand the needs of our employees, therefore we develop lifelong meaningful relationships with each and every one of them.

We provide our employees with unique career opportunities and a dynamic workplace, where they can share ideas, learn, and fulfil their professional and personal goals.

We continuously seek to bring on board talented, hardworking, and like-minded individuals who share our passion for gaming and who would be excited to become part of an ongoing journey to success.

Who we are

EnergyCasino is an online casino located in Malta – licensed and regulated by The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). We were established in 2013 and since then we became one of the fastest-growing gaming businesses in the world by offering a wide range of cutting-edge Casino entertainment options and a world-class customer service. Our aim is to always deliver the best gambling experience to our customers, which we do with a professional multicultural team and a fantastic working environment.

What we offer

We offer our employees a dynamic and relaxed working atmosphere because we understand that many hours are spent in the workplace. We constantly seek to create a pleasant space, which would serve as a second home for our employees – we truly believe that the key to our success is our hard-working, skilled, and passionate team.

A trusted brand

EnergyCasino has managed to gain an excellent reputation in the iGaming industry and has become a recognisable and trusted brand, not only in Europe but also worldwide. Our cooperation with various iGaming companies has always been deep-rooted, productive, and peaceful.


Our brand represents value-driven services and an uncompromising commitment to exceed customer expectations. We aim to deliver the highest level of services throughout our operations; starting from customer support, IT management, cooperation, marketing campaigns and up to the top. A tremendous part of our professionalism is derived from our highly qualified and passionate employees, which is why we provide varied training options for continuous development of our workforce.


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Tips for a Positive Job Application

Preparing and sending a fruitful job application is the first step to impress your new potential employers. Here you will find a few tips to help you catch the attention of our recruiting team!

  • Before you send us your application
  • Quality beats quantity
  • Forward your best CV and Cover Letter
  • Prepare questions for us

Make sure you do a substantial research about the company, dig our social media channels and website. This will enable you to learn more about the company’s corporate culture, as well as understanding if the company is indeed suited for you in the long run.

Make sure you are applying for the right position for you. It’s better to send one application specifically for the position you target rather than apply for many positions you are not qualified for. You need to show you are goal oriented and that you are aware of your strengths!

How to determine the best position for you? Set time aside to think about your qualifications, experience, and interests, then decide how you would like to develop your career. Make sure your work experience allows you to follow and reach your career goals.

(Writing down ideas and thoughts can help you determine the best path to follow)

First impressions count, and here you’re to impress! Make sure your CV is detailed yet straight to the point, understandable and fun. Double check yourself to make sure there are no mistakes or typos.

The more information our recruitment team has about you the better! So, make sure you attach an interesting cover letter to allow us to get to know you, have an insight on your personality and assess if you are a fit for our team. Make it easy for us to pick you!

Indeed, some details are only expressed during interviews. Said that, it is important to prepare a set of questions during the interviewing process. Such questions would include: working hours, breaks, and further job details depending on the position you applied for. Show us you are interested in all the nitty-gritty details and we will be more than happy to answer it all!

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